Spend and donate!

If you purchase any goods or services on-line you can support the Choir at no cost to yourself, through EasyFundRaising. EasyFundRaising is the UK's biggest 'charity shopping' site; over 8000 providers, including many household names, participate in the scheme, which essentially provides a small commission to your charity of choice on every qualifying transaction.

How to do it:

Simply add the EasyFundRaising 'donation reminder' extension to your web browser, on a laptop or desktop computer; and (or)...
Install the EasyFundRaising app on mobile devices.

You'll be led through a straighforward, step-by-step registration process (if you're not already registered with EasyFundRaising) to identify you, and the charity you wish to support (The Chiltern Choir). Thereafter, a popup will alert you if you're on a site that will generate a donation.

There are no catches or hidden charges! So get shopping – funds will be collected by EasyFundRaising and automatically sent to the Choir bank account. We have already raised hundreds of pounds through members' on-line shopping, and it couldn’t be easier!

More details about the scheme at the EasyFundRaising web site, here.